We’ve got some big things ahead of us! Since our fans decided to create a defunct Wikipedia article about us, we’ve been inspired to create something super awesome for you, the fans! We hope you’ll love it.

We want to make something special for you, and we think we’ve finally figured it out. The clue is “book”, so is the 8. The image below is also a hint.

Isabel and Mario from high school.
Isabel Ruiz and Mario J. Lucero from high school.

Final notes: there’s a book out about us now, called “Internet Legends – Heaven Sent Gaming”, its a moderately accurate piece that treats Heaven Sent Gaming as a educational & referential subject.

We’ve also created fan.wikia, where you can edit articles about us, to your hearts content!

We want to encourage discussion, not censorship. As a Mr. Universe once said, “You can’t stop the signal.”

Look up “original series” on Wikipedia, and you’ll get a idea of who the admins are.


About Heaven Sent Gaming


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