Reverie 2010 Collection (2nd Edition), now available exclusively on Kindle!

Reverie 2010 Collection (2nd Edition) cover
Reverie 2010 Collection (2nd Edition) cover

Reverie 2010 Collection: 2nd Edition [Kindle Edition]
Mario J. Lucero (Author), Isabel Ruiz (Illustrator)

In this collection there are 37 comics. In the second edition there is also over 40 pages of bonus artwork! It’s available for $5.05! The Kindle edition is of extremely high quality, and is completely glitch free, see below.

Physical editions will be coming soon. We’ve run into a few issues with the physical publication, but here’s a sample of the upcoming physical edition below. (sample will be coming soon due to the glitches, we apologize for the inconvenience) – there were random little glitched areas throughout. Like on page 6, there is a strange blotch on Hoopes’ left-hand, in which he’s holds The Bible. And Google Books seems to be giving an overall error with the book.


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