Schedule starting February 8th – 14th, 2015

We will begin daily updates, at least one update per day, at 7PM MST starting February 8th – 14th, 2015!

  • Sunday: Reverie and/or Many.
  • Monday: Mouton, dD, and/or HSGskit.
  • Tuesday: BladeChickStarbet and/or Pinto.
  • Wednesday:  ‘verse Way, Iron, and/or Seven.
  • Thursday: Koki’o Shade and Monkey and/or Aster (WIP).
  • Friday: Karis, Craft, and/or HSGskit.
  • Saturday: Bible study.

Sometimes Monday or Friday will be replaced with a new video set hosted by Isabel called, Art Series. This new series will take a look at different artists, from history or pop culture, and will examine their style in depth; at the end of the episode Isabel will draw some of our characters in a style similar to theirs.

Another new video series will be Seven, which will be a “Top Facts” style list that discusses 7 interesting factoids about a particular subject.

A new comic series, Starbet, by Mario and Isabel a space-western set in the future, on a post-apocalyptic Earth among a flourishing large galaxy of creatures.

Most of the stories, up until now, have been created and made by Mario and Isabel; that’s about to change, at least in the novel department. Pinto will be a new novel series created by Mario and Jason, written by Jason, it follows the adventures of a Knight from the crusader era being reawakened in a far-off future. And, Aster is another novel series created by Jason, following  the adventures of a Nun in a fantasy-esque realm, inhabited by flesh-and-blood gods and demons.

Mario’s vlog and HSGplays will resume as pseudo-daily content, the latter of which will be featured on our Twitch channel.

Be sure to check out our other new page, The Team, highlighting Heaven Sent Gaming members; past, present, and… future?


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