March 13, 2015

This update covers: Mario’s Grandpa, rewritten novels, our new game announced at the New Jersey Camden Comic Con, a Wikipedia incident, and New Mexico!


We have been a little thin on updates since last Sunday. Mario’s Grandpa, Joe M. Lucero, is currently close to knocking on heaven’s door, and both Isabel and Mario are spending their free time at his side. Therefore the comics, and their other projects, are currently on hold.


Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Heaven Sent Gaming! If you hadn’t noticed, Jason has updated and applied corrections to all of the novels! Especially digitalDomain, which has been modified to fit in more with the Heaven Sent Gaming universe, and rewritten to better fit his original concept.


If you were at the 2015 Camden Comic Con, and were able to attend the Just Read the Comments: Women in Geek Culture Face Challenges Online panel, then you may have heard from the author and The Geek Initiative contributor D. H. Torkavian, that D. H. Torkavian and Heaven Sent Gaming will be working together to produce a table-top role-playing game. Its tentatively titled Thirst, when more information is availible, we will announce it here!


Videos will be inbound soon, we’ve got some new equipment to enable us to Twitch stream.  And, The Lucero Vlog has received its first episode on our official YouTube channel.


An overzealous Heaven Sent Gaming supporter, and team member, was attempting to create Wikipedia articles about the team. This has lead to Mario’s account on Wikipedia being banned in the crossfire, even though, he has had that account since 2006 and was simply editing articles about New Mexico. However, this has not quenched Mario’s desire to educate and spread information about New Mexico, we will be launching a new web project about notable New Mexican information, and it will highlight the culture of New Mexico.

We will leave this post with one of Mario’s Grandpa’s favorite songs,

a cover of “Cuando Sali de Cuba” by The Purple Haze.


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