The Votes Are In


Our first strawpoll, related to the Heaven Sent Gaming 10th Anniversary, is finalized. The top 5 will be given the top priority. We received over a hundred votes, and here were the results.

  1. A pin-up calendar of our lady characters14 votes (12%)
  2. Full glossary13 votes (11%)
  3. A talk-show program13 votes (11%)
  4. More artwork12 votes (10%)
  5. HSGplays12 votes (10%)
  6. New video series11 votes (9%)
  7. More stuff to buy in the shop10 votes (9%)
  8. Mario’s music album8 votes (7%)
  9. Mario’s vlog7 votes (6%)
  10. A book of some sort6 votes (5%)
  11. Patreon6 votes (5%)
  12. A Fan-art section4 votes (3%)


  1. As the out-the-gate leader, the pin-up calendar is currently underway. Isabel Ruiz Lucero is currently illustrating the calendar, and it will be released by years-end.
  2. Our glossary will be throughly finished by June of this year.
  3. The talk-show is currently under development, and will receive its first episode towards the end of March.
  4. We are increasing the amount of original artworks across the site.
  5. And, last-but-not-least, we will bring back HSGplays. Our first series will be Dead or Alive XTREME 3.

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