3rd Quarter 2016 Report



As we continue to celebrate Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th Anniversary, we look forward to the future. Our third quarter saw us focusing on mostly behind-the-scenes work; our first commercially available video game in under development (a side-scrolling platformer), Isabel began using her Twitter account to practice her Japanese, Mario became active in politics (while he is a registered Republican voting for Trump, Isabel is an undecided registered Democrat, and the people we have worked with have a wide-range of views and opinions, so HSG itself does not support/endorse any political party or candidate), and we began work on a book set to release next year chronicling our team’s inception, history, and an anthology of released works.

We’ve increased reader retention for the third quarter of 2016 by a large margin, over last quarter, and we’ve managed to support our audience size. At the behest of our Japanese fans and due to our comics’ rising popularity in The Land of the Rising Sun, especially Reverie and Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction, we will be creating a Japanese-language comic produced for a Japanese audience. This is the reason our artist Isabel has been practicing her Japanese. This comic is not planned to have an English-language release at this time. Another interesting note, this marks the first time that a Japanese language manga is being produced within the United States. As such, we are taking its release very seriously, thank you for your patience.

The video game we are developing will release in 2017, we are developing the game for mobile devices and Nintendo platforms.

We’ve received several press opportunities, either sought by us or our fans. While we are grateful for the hard-work and the exposure, that these publications have given us. We will be closing our “open-season” at getting press coverage by the end of December, so if any other publications would like to work with us, please contact us by then. We had an appearance on BBC Persian, and received requests from all-over-the-place, including local news stations such as KRQE (which we will respond to shortly).

Heaven Sent Gaming has always been about promoting our artistic efforts, and as such we have been more interested in art above profits, we’ve made very little-to-no money off our endeavors. That will change going forward, as we will now actively start looking for sponsors. If you or your business would like to sponsor us, or if you have suggestions on companies you’d like us to work with, feel free contact us. Thank you and God bless.

– The Heaven Sent Gaming team

Here is our Q3 2016 Report for Heaven Sent Gaming’s endeavors.

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  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Brazil
  4. Japan
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Russia

Top 7 American Metropolitan Areas (by unique users)

  1. Albuquerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico
  2. Knoxville, Tennessee
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
  5. New York, New York
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Top 7 American Cities (by page views)

  1. Floyd, Virginia
  2. Albany, New York
  3. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  4. Alamogordo, New Mexico
  5. Hesperia, California
  6. Englewood, Colorado
  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  8. Phoenix, Arizona

Top 7 International Cities (by unique users)

  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. Beijing, China
  4. Osaka, Japan
  5. Moscow, Russia
  6. Istanbul, Turkey
  7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top 7 International Cities (by page views)

  1. Nordenham, Germany
  2. Sasayama, Hyogo, Japan
  3. Paris, France
  4. Bilbao, Spain
  5. Kiel, Germany
  6. Brummen, Netherlands
  7. Westminster, England

Worldwide Top 7 Viewed Titles

  1. Heaven Sent Gaming (homepage and glossary)
  2. New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News
  3. Reverie
  4. BladeChick
  5. Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction
  6. Karis
  7. Mario J. Lucero’s Blog

Worldwide Top 7 Posts

  1. “Tiny Morrie” from New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News (originally posted on May 19th, 2015)
  2. “Isabel Ruiz Lucero” from the Heaven Sent Gaming Glossary
  3. “New Mexico English” from New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News (originally posted on May 14th, 2015)
  4. “Reverie” from the Heaven Sent Gaming Glossary
  5. “This is truly an amazing world we live in. Overwatch isn’t even out of beta, and there’s already yuri of it. God bless the internet! from Mario’s blog (originally posted on May 11th, 2016)
  6. “For the Love of Coke and Fries” from Reverie (originally posted on January 3rd, 2010)
  7. “New Mexico music” from New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News (originally posted on May 13th, 2015)
  8. “Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction” from the Heaven Sent Gaming Glossary

Other Stats

  • Twitter followers of 7,300~
  • Facebook page likes of 3,840~
  • Total video views of 3,411,120
  • Klout Score of 60~ (90 day high 62.08, and low of 59.13)

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  1. Bing
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  3. Baidu
  4. Yandex
  5. Twitter

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