Heaven Sent Gaming has been around since 2006, and our number one priority has always been our artistic integrity. Our content is created at the rate of which it is done, we do not rush their creation. We create all of our content with honesty, sincerity, and accuracy. Our fans, and those interested in our content, can trust and should follow the information on our official networks; any of our sites on heavensentgaming.com, our official wiki, our Twitter accounts (@HeavenSentTweet / Mario @Smile_Lee / Isabel @CinnamonBell / Jason @Jwaggoner301), Heaven Sent Gaming’s Facebook fanpage, the HSGmi Instagram, the HeavenSentGamingCOM YouTube channel, our Tumblr blogs (heavensentgaming / Mario smile-lee or mblog.heavensentgaming.com / Isabel cinnamonbell or iblog.heavensentgaming.com / Jason sentientj or jblog.heavensentgaming.com) also through our official press contacts (we only respond to people that contact us, we will never attempt to contact you, without first being contacted). Users that wish to contribute to the Heaven Sent Gaming community can visit the official fan wiki, or join our future imageboards and forums.

Heaven Sent Gaming’s original content is created with the intent of it being shared, and with the intent of making more. It is created for distribution on our websites, if our content is available elsewhere, then we didn’t post it there, we don’t use any other distribution channels besides the ones listed above. Be sure to link back to us whenever our content is used, and don’t attempt to plagiarize or misrepresent the use of our creations. This applies to all of our originals; comics, games, music, novels, video, and web entertainment. Our full content usage rules are found here. If you ever see our content being distributed, like it came from us, or from someone claiming to be us, please contact us at [email protected]

All of us take this very seriously; if you see anything that we publish that does any of the these things please contact us, or leave a comment. Heaven Sent Gaming finds the following things to be abominable:

  1. We have an understanding that that the following are unacceptable; inaccuracies, bias, and wanton falsehoods, with the intent to distort the truth.
  2. We will always do valid fact-checking, and we will make an announcement, and perform a redaction regarding mistakes. We do not comment on rumor or speculation, and we will always protect anonymous sources.
  3. We believe that plagiarism is a plague; for anyone else’s artwork, or general works, proper credit and linking will always be given.
  4. We are content creators, and some of our content centers around news and opinion pieces, such as aywv, HSGplays, and NewMexico. We believe in applying our integrity to them as well, by not removing key pieces of artwork from opinion pieces, we will never distort anyone else’s artwork (such as censorship or removing footage of a cut-scene), and we behave ethically as it relates to story related information, as in spoilers will be appropriately labeled.
  5. We will not make compromises in our integrity, so we will avoid conflict-of-interest. And if we ever have a sponsor, related to content we’re creating, it will be stated appropriately.
  6. We will not misrepresent ourselves, and we do not seek interviews, or the like. We’re an online entertainment publisher, meaning that if we want to get a message out, we will do it ourselves.
  7. We do not pay for articles, fans, followers, likes, or the like.
  8. We play fair, and we are not interested in meaninglessly besmirching others.
  9. We maintain a level of editorial clarity, from the editor-in-chief and other chief officers.
  10. We are by no means perfect, and this human truth extends to all of us.

For information on us, visit our About page.

Please view our Copyright and Content Usage page for information regarding the usage of our content.

This page’s concept was inspired by AP’s News Values & Principals.