About Heaven Sent Gaming


In 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We were originally founded in 2006, as a part of a team of game designers and artists, and became part of the preponderant Our Own Little Coup during its short-lived 2007 existence. Isabel and I had formed our team (HSG), prior to going to college, as a […]Continue reading

Our first strawpoll, related to the Heaven Sent Gaming 10th Anniversary, is finalized. The top 5 will be given the top priority. We received over a hundred votes, and here were the results. A pin-up calendar of our lady characters. 14 votes (12%) Full glossary. 13 votes (11%) A talk-show program. 13 votes (11%) More artwork. 12 votes (10%) HSGplays. 12 votes […]Continue reading

Heaven Sent Gaming‘s 10th Anniversary Don’t freak out or anything, but 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th anniversary. We’ve gotta do something ladies and gentlemen! — Heaven Sent Gaming (@HeavenSentTweet) January 2, 2016 If you follow us on Twitter, than you’re already aware that 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th year in operation. Along the […]Continue reading

D.H. Torkavian, a.k.a. Devin, one of Heaven Sent Gaming’s key members was just on VICE; she was part of the original Our Own Little Coup team, and is currently with Heaven Sent Gaming as we develop a pen-and-paper role-playing game. She wasn’t the main subject of the VICE piece or anything like that, but she […]Continue reading

Mariano Lucero was born to Antonio and Delfina Lucero, he was raised alongside his six siblings in Cuba, New Mexico. During his years in Albuquerque, he met and married his wife Antonia “Toni” Lucero. During his 50+ year marriage he had three children and multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was a retired trucker with Consolidated […]Continue reading

This update covers: Mario’s Grandpa, rewritten novels, our new game announced at the New Jersey Camden Comic Con, a Wikipedia incident, and New Mexico! Comics We have been a little thin on updates since last Sunday. Mario’s Grandpa, Joe M. Lucero, is currently close to knocking on heaven’s door, and both Isabel and Mario are spending their […]Continue reading