About Heaven Sent Gaming


In 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We were originally founded in 2006, as a part of a team of game designers and artists, and became part of the preponderant Our Own Little Coup during its short-lived 2007 existence. Isabel and I had formed our team (HSG), prior to going to college, as a […]Continue reading

Our first strawpoll, related to the Heaven Sent Gaming 10th Anniversary, is finalized. The top 5 will be given the top priority. We received over a hundred votes, and here were the results. A pin-up calendar of our lady characters. 14 votes (12%) Full glossary. 13 votes (11%) A talk-show program. 13 votes (11%) More artwork. 12 votes (10%) HSGplays. 12 votes […]Continue reading

Heaven Sent Gaming‘s 10th Anniversary Don’t freak out or anything, but 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th anniversary. We’ve gotta do something ladies and gentlemen! — Heaven Sent Gaming (@HeavenSentTweet) January 2, 2016 If you follow us on Twitter, than you’re already aware that 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th year in operation. Along the […]Continue reading

D.H. Torkavian, a.k.a. Devin, one of Heaven Sent Gaming’s key members was just on VICE; she was part of the original Our Own Little Coup team, and is currently with Heaven Sent Gaming as we develop a pen-and-paper role-playing game. She wasn’t the main subject of the VICE piece or anything like that, but she […]Continue reading