Behold! The new schedule. Comics Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Reverie and Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction will get updates. Novels Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Many will get updated. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Iron will get updated. Video Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Mario’s vlog‘s entire back-catalog will finally be re-uploaded, with bonus content as well. Wednesday, […]Continue reading

“Easter 2014” is the fifth Reverie comic of 2014, and the ninetieth overall comic of the series. The Reverie cast look at Easter eggs. These eggs are decorated to look like each of the Reverie crew.

“Rushed” is the eighth Mouton comic of Mouton #1, and the eighth overall comic of the series. Mouton, senior quarterback, is rushed by the opposing defense. Lucent’s brew seems to have taken effect, with a BANG!