Main character BladeChick


  • Gender Female
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Occupation Barista
  • Loyalty Saintly
  • Class Fighter
  • Skill Dreamer
  • Likes Reading

She is loyal, polite, and intelligent. Alexia is a book worm,that prefers the company of only a select few; she is not very social. When Alexia faints she becomes a crime-fighting heroine, under the name BladeChick. BladeChick is loud-mouthed almost brutish woman. Her kicks and punches can hit with enough force to behave like blades. She has excellent control of her attacks, as she prefers non-lethal methods to stop criminals.

Alexia is a lanky girl with big thick-rimmed glasses. She has long trio-toned blonde hair, with a turquoise interior, and red tips.

The source of her power is currently unknown.


Overall A-
Attack B
Critical Attack A+
Defense B
Critical Defense A+
Speed B
Critical Speed A+

Overall A-
Logic B+
Critical Logic A+
Sense B+
Critical Sense A+
Spiritual B+
Critical Spiritual A+

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