Isabel Main character Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction Bio InfoMore Info Species Human Gender Female Height: ~5' Occupation Student, Secret Agent Loyalty ? Class Shiromadoshi Skill Weapons expert Likes Martial arts and weaponry Previous tab Next tab She is nervy, daring, and witty. Isabel is a secret agent, alongside her partner Art. She and Art are [...]Continue reading

✝️Hi, I'm Isabel! blog | twitter Isabel Ruiz Lucero Isabel R. Lucero (née Isabel Ruiz) is the cofounder, artist, and President of Heaven Sent Gaming. She is responsible for the co-creation of the vast majority of the publications, and the fictional universe that ties it together. Born on March 30, 1989, she grew up in Albuquerque with her two [...]Continue reading

Iron is a western novel written by Mario J. Lucero. Tom Marcus is an ex-Army buffalo soldier that's become a inter-dimensional protector between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. first page | chapter select | latest update Tom Marcus donned a black Stetson hat, black trench coat, black vest, black jeans, and a holster on his left side accompanied with a [...]Continue reading