Karis Main character Karis Bio InfoMore Info Species Human/Angel Gender Female Height: 5'8" Occupation College Student Loyalty Saintly Class Angel Skill Genius Likes Learning about angel culture Previous tab Next tab She is dedicated, creative, and wise. Karis is an human that has been imbued with angelic power since birth. She and her friend Ari carry on their fight, on [...]Continue reading

Kevin Main character Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction Bio InfoMore Info Species Human Gender Male Height: 5'10" Occupation Student Loyalty Supporter Class Rogue Skill Genius Likes Being a sleuth, and sometimes a pirate Previous tab Next tab He is daring, nervy, and clever. Kevin is a sleuth, with super stealth,  he is intense, passionate, and light-hearted. He, Byron, [...]Continue reading

💬 first comic | chapter select | latest comic first chapter "א" Karis is a Heaven Sent Gaming comic about two angels engaged in spiritual warfare with demons. The angels, Karis and her partner Ari, are on mission while attending college on Earth. Launch Date: June 14, 2011. Artist/Writer: Isabel Ruiz Lucero. Status: Ongoing. ↓ Latest Updates ↓ Karis comic update, "Bright Library"January 16, 2015Comics KarisKaris comic update, [...]Continue reading