Mario Main character Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction Bio InfoMore Info Species Human Gender Male Height: 5'1" Occupation Student Loyalty Saintly Class "The Twitch" Skill Freelancer Likes Computer hardware Previous tab Next tab He is ambitious, honest, and chivalrous. Mario's dichotomy, as both a simpleton and genius, causes overly complicated undertakings and numerous misundertakings. Mario is a small [...]Continue reading

✝️Hello, I'm Mario. blog | twitter Mario J. Lucero Mario J. Lucero (born Mario Julian Lucero) is the cofounder, designer, and CEO of Heaven Sent Gaming. He is responsible for the co-creation of the vast majority of HSG's publications, and the fictional universe that ties it together. Born on June 8, 1988, he grew up in Albuquerque the middle child between two sisters. He [...]Continue reading