As we continue to celebrate Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th Anniversary, we look forward to the future. Our third quarter saw us focusing on mostly behind-the-scenes work; our first commercially available video game in under development (a side-scrolling platformer), Isabel began using her Twitter account to practice her Japanese, Mario became active in politics (while he […]Continue reading

During 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming began celebrating its 10th anniversary. During Q2 of which, HSG began distributing Reverie: The First 5 Years eBook on Amazon Kindle, as well as the new a Heaven Sent Gaming broadcast via audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Reverie‘s debut at #151,229 on the Kindle Store, in the final weeks of […]Continue reading

In 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We were originally founded in 2006, as a part of a team of game designers and artists, and became part of the preponderant Our Own Little Coup during its short-lived 2007 existence. Isabel and I had formed our team (HSG), prior to going to college, as a […]Continue reading