Current Team


Mario and Isabel Lucero
Isabel Lucero, started in 2006, founder, president, COO, and artist (Blog, Portfolio, Twitter)
Mario Lucero, started in 2006, founder, CEO and designer (Blog, Portfolio, Twitter)
Jason Waggoner
Jason Waggoner, rejoined in 2012, editor-in-chief
(Blog, Portfolio, Twitter)


The following individuals occasionally contribute:

  • Josh Kindig, since 2014, lead on aywv and actor

Past Members

These people are Heaven Sent Gaming members from years-gone-by. They are all still awesome, and will continue to be awesome. Check ’em out! Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future, but until then, we wish them peace and God’s blessing.

Our Own Little Coup

Heaven Sent Gaming was a part of college video game design team in Tempe, in the Phoenix-area, Arizona.

 The first several years

Only in talks

  • Kenny Braconnier, 2014, potential contributor on aywv
  • Brice Blake, 2014, temporary actor
  • Bryan Hernandez, 2014, potential contributor on aywv
  • Phil McCracken, 2015, potential designer
  • Robert Marrujo, 2015, potential programmer/designer

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