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Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, located in the United States of America, on Earth; the city features the Rio Grande river accompanied by forested area called the bosque, with the Sandia Mountains to the east and the West Mesa to the west. The city’s Nuevo México Spanish and Native American Pueblo character stems from its 1706 founding as La Villa de San Francisco Xavier de Alburquerque a Spanish outpost in Nuevo México after the Pueblo Revolt and later Bloodless Reconquest, to better facilitate trade and ease tensions between New Spain and the Tiwa Pueblos.

As the largest city in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area, it is located alongside eight other smaller cities and towns; Rio Rancho, Belen, Bernalillio, Rio Communities, Peralta, Moriarty, Estancia, and Mountainaire. Villages in the metro include

The people of the city are called the Burqueños or Burqueñas, commonly called Albuquerqueans.

Albuquerque is a location in the real-world, as the hometown of Heaven Sent Gaming it is extensively covered in our New Mexico Cultural Lexicon, as well as Heaven Sent Gaming’s fictional universe created and designed by artist Isabel Ruiz Lucero and designer Mario J. Lucero. The name Albuquerque is of Latin origin, translating the Latin words albus and quercus meaning white oak, a reference to the cork oak trees found in the town of Alburuquerque.


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  • Thad’s World Destruction

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  • Metropolitan Size:
    TOTAL: 9,297 sq mi / WATER: 14.7 sq mi
  • Demonym:
    Burqueño or Burqueña (Albuquerquean)


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