Mario J. Lucero

Mario J. Lucero
Designer & CEO of Heaven Sent Gaming
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Heaven Sent Gaming is a studio that started by combining Mario’s writing efforts with his artist wife Isabel‘s personal art studio. Currently, the studio’s work has been featured, mentioned, and cited by Albuquerque JournalNew York magazine, Latino USA, and others. He is the primary editor of entertainment journal and the New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon.

He is responsible for writing many of the productions, as well as much of the design aspect. As a devout Christian and proud New Mexican, he has made use of his creative talents through his work. He has written for Quartz, Tokyo Weekender, and Tokyo Review; and his work has been cited by the Arizona State University, Library Freedom Project, Massachusetts Library Association, The University of British Columbia, University of Southampton, and others.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, family, friends, and cat. He is also an avid gamer, musician, and hiking enthusiast. He performs country music under the name Mario Lucero, and electronica music under the project LE37.