Mario J. Lucero

Mario J. Lucero

Mario J. Lucero

June 8, 1988 from Albuquerque, New Mexico

🤠 Bio

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, he is the cofounder and lead designer of Heaven Sent Gaming, alongside his wife Isabel Ruiz Lucero. They are responsible for the co-creation of the vast majority of the publications and the fictional universe that ties it together. A computer scientist, designer, and writer that has worked for numerous professional institutions and publications. Also a director, actor, and a Country-Western, EDM, and New Mexico musician.

Bylines with Quartz and Tokyo Weekender. Been cited and referenced by The Albuquerque Journal, The Associated Press, Library Freedom Project, International Music Summit, Latino USA, Pew Research Center, South by Southwest, Wired, and by scholars at Arizona State University, Massachusetts Library Association, The University of British Columbia, and The University of Southampton.


  • aywv (2009, ongoing); editor, journalist, writer
  • HSV Bible (2006, hiatus); editor, theologian
  • Craft (2011, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • Iron (2011, ongoing); creator, writer
  • Many: The Blog of a Space Probe (2011, ongoing); creator, writer
  • New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon (2016, hiatus); editor, historian, journalist, writer
  • Reverie: The First 5 Years… And Then Some (2022); author
  • New Mexican English Dictionary (2022); author
  • Issue #0 (2022); author




  • Reverie (2010); co-creator, writer
  • Karis (2011); writer
  • Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction (2011); co-creator, writer
  • BladeChick (2012, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • Mouton (2012, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • Jinn (2013, hiatus); co-creator, writer
  • Vic & Vic (2013, hiatus); co-creator, writer
  • Koki’o Shade and Monkey (2013, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • ‘Verse Way (2014, hiatus); co-creator, writer


  • All We Are by Life Never Lost (2008); masterer
  • “Intro, Yo” (2009); musician, mixer, masterer
  • HSGpodcast (2012); co-host, mixer, masterer
  • a Heaven Sent Gaming broadcast (2016, ongoing); co-host, mixer, masterer
  • LE37 albums (2018); musician, mixer, masterer


  • Mario’s vlog (2011); actor, director, editor
  • Bible Reading (2011); actor, director, editor
  • RP (2022); various character voices
  • HSGplays (2011-2012); actor, director, editor
  • سفر در جاده ۶۶ on BBC Persian (2016); guest
  • “Local couple celebrates 1 decade of ‘Heaven Sent Gaming'” by Aaron Drawhorn on KRQE 13 (2016); guest
  • RP (2023); various character voices
  • Boba Cocoa (2023); various character voices


  • Balance (2007); designer
  • BitDonate (2011); designer, programmer

Uncredited and Undated

Neither Heaven Sent Gaming nor Mario J. Lucero condone modifying or manipulating video game hardware in a manner contradicting the terms-of-service of said products.

  • Numerous anonymous creations and contributions to various home-brew video game and software applications on various platforms.
  • Contributions to several large video game emulation projects.
  • Minor contributions to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency open-source projects.

Mario is also a journalist, see his bibliography above.