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Mario J. Lucero (born Mario Julian Lucero) is the cofounder, designer, and CEO of Heaven Sent Gaming. He is responsible for the co-creation, alongside his wife Isabel, of the vast majority of HSG’s publications, and the fictional universe that ties it together.

Born on June 8, 1988, he grew up in Albuquerque the middle child between two sisters. He was raised by his mother, Cathleen Lucero, and grandparents, Joe M. Lucero and Antonia “Toni” Lucero. He was raised Catholic, and attended public school during elementary school, Lucero attended private Adventist schools during middle and high school. There he gave his life to Jesus, and became a non-denominational Christian, he also discovered his interest in computers and, at the age of 12, began to build computers and program homebrew video games initially on PC, Nintendo, and SEGA platforms; in high school he also met cofounder, and girlfriend, Isabel (whom he married on their 10th anniversary October 24, 2014).

He is now an author, game designer, musician, programmer, Root Beer enthusiast, etc.

  • Birth Date: ♊ June 8, 1988.
  • Height: 5’7″.
  • Personality Type: INFP.
  • Political Party: Republican
  • Spouse: Isabel Ruiz Lucero



  • Reverie (2010); co-creator, writer
  • Karis (2011); writer
  • Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction (2011); co-creator, writer
  • BladeChick (2012, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • Mouton (2012, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • Jinn (2013, hiatus); co-creator, writer
  • Vic & Vic (2013, hiatus); co-creator, writer
  • Koki’o Shade and Monkey (2013, ongoing); co-creator, writer
  • ‘Verse Way (2014, hiatus); co-creator, writer


  • All We Are by Life Never Lost (2008); masterer
  • “Intro, Yo” (2009); musician, mixer, masterer
  • HSGpodcast (2012); co-host, mixer, masterer
  • a Heaven Sent Gaming broadcast (2016, ongoing); co-host, mixer, masterer


  • Mario’s vlog (2011); actor, director, editor
  • HSGplays (2011-2012); actor, director, editor
  • سفر در جاده ۶۶ on BBC Persian (2016); guest
  • “Local couple celebrates 1 decade of ‘Heaven Sent Gaming'” by Aaron Drawhorn on KRQE 13 (2016); guest


  • Balance (2007); designer
  • BitDonate (2011); designer, programmer


  • aywv (2009, hiatus); editor, journalist, writer
  • HSV Bible (2006, hiatus); editor, theologian
  • New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News (2016, ongoing); editor, historian, journalist, writer

Uncredited and Undated

Neither Heaven Sent Gaming nor Mario J. Lucero condone modifying or manipulating video game hardware in a manner contradicting the terms-of-service of said products.

  • Numerous anonymous creations and contributions to various home-brew video game and software applications on various platforms.
  • Contributions to several large video game emulation projects.
  • Minor contributions to the Bitcoin open-source project.

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