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Heaven Sent Gaming was built on the love and faith of Mario & Isabel Lucero, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. High school sweethearts since 2004, Isabel is the lead artist and Mario is the lead designer. Expressing joy through their creative talents. HSG was first named during a silly conversation, about creating video games together, during a peaceful 2006 birthday celebration for Mario’s nana Antonia “Toni” Lucero, at Santa Ana Pueblo.

Later HSG joined a game design team called Our Own Little Coo, during the longsuffering days of college in Tempe, Arizona. By 2010, we had left college and expanded into music production, blogging, video game journalism, and comic strips. A teammate from the Our Own Little Coo days rejoined HSG in 2013 as editor, Jason Waggoner.

With God’s grace, we’ve grown gently since then, and are now a multimedia production studio. Focusing on our own Heaven Sent Gaming universe media franchise, NuMé Foods, the aywv arts and entertainment journal, and the New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon.

  • [email protected]
  • 3705 ELLISON RD NW
    STE B-1 PMB #317
    ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA 87114-7015
  • 1 (505) 336-0474
Established JUNE 15th, 2006
Intellectual Property
  • Heaven Sent Gaming universe media franchise
  • NuMé Foods
  • aywv.art and entertainment revue
  • New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon
Teamsize 3
Founders Mario & Isabel Lucero
CEO Mario J. Lucero (Design)
COO Isabel Ruiz Lucero (Art)
Editor-in-Chief Jason Waggoner


Former Team Members VAYA CON DIOS
While we will always love these folks, HSG is not responsible for the content of their personal projects or websites. But we offer these links as support for their ongoing brilliance and creativity.
Drew CassClint Costello, Jeff Drake, Ehryel, Clifton Strang, Josh Kindig, John Marler, Tate McCandless, and D.H. Torkavian.


Heaven Sent Gaming is entirely independent. All of our publications, including aywv and the New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon, adhere to professional standards such as the Associated Press Style Guide and SPJ Code of Ethics. We agree with what is said on NPR’s ethics page, and are “challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and culture”. Please feel free to reach out to us for corrections or comments for any of our publications, we cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts because we produce all of our content in-house.

We adhere to the standards embraced by the institutions we have worked with, or been cited by: (in alphabetical order) Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque the Magazine, Arizona State University, Industry Insider by International Music Summit, KRQE (CBS / Fox affiliate), Mashed, Microsoft, Stateline by Pew Charitable Trusts, Quartz, South by Southwest, Spectrum Magazine, Tokyo Weekender, University of British Columbia, University of Southampton, and University of Washington. You may freely cite our content for educational and journalistic use, as long as you give attribution with a link to Heaven Sent Gaming for citation. For other uses, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 should be a good rule of thumb, please contact us if you’d like further info or usage beyond that scope.

Our websites proudly use WordPress themes from ILOVEWP, Pagelines, and DAHZ. In the past we welcomed sponsorship ad-space, and used AdSense, however those went largely unused so we switched to Project Wonderful, and now use Comicad Network. To fill our empty ad space we used to add links to charity organizations and former music artists since we had no sponsors; we continue to respect and support the research at Alzheimer’s Disease International, the work of One Laptop per Child, and our dear friends at Life Never Lost.

While our studio is indeed a part of the Christian genre, fortified with our founders’ faith in Jesus Christ, fruit of the Holy Spirit, God’s blessing, and the Holy Bible. We are not a religious broadcasting or faith-based organization, as we aren’t affiliated with any religious institutions or denominations. We have always welcomed creative talents regardless of religion or identity, and our creations are made for people of all creeds to enjoy.

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