Since 2006, founded by Mario and Isabel, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

The cover artwork features a photo taken by Mario J. Lucero in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Heaven Sent Gaming has created numerous original series, filled with tens-of-dozens of characters & worlds, across numerous forms of media, within our own unique fictional universe.We’ve produced content across multiple forms of media; comics, games, music, novels, video, and web arts.Though we center on our founder’s Christian faith in the life-and-teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, we do not produce “faith-based” content; our team has always consisted of people of multiple faiths, including those of non-faith, so we create content for anyone of any walk-of-life to enjoy. Our team has included Christians, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, LGBT activists, etc.

We ourselves are also fans of fiction, music, tech, Japan a.k.a. the Land of the Rising Sun, & our multi-cultural hometown Albuquerque a.k.a. the Duke City, in the State of New Mexico a.k.a. the Land of Enchantment, here in the United States of America; we represent this in our creations and very own talk shows, let’s plays, & informational websites. 

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