from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Heaven Sent Gaming

We create 💬 comics, 🎮 games, 🎵 music, 📖 novels, ▶️ video, & 🌐 web arts.

Our website is currently undergoing website renovations, so please pardon any broken code. Thank you for visiting our website, God bless!

Please check out our latest update blog for the end of 2020.

Reverie, Boba Choco, NuMé, and the New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon are our only currently active projects. All of our classic series, including BladeChick, Mouton, Iron, Many: The Blog of a Space Probe, aywv, and others continue to be available but are in hiatus, and their original formats may have errors until we update them. They will see upgrades and updates sometime in the future, as will our news archive, which is currently not fully up to date.

Please check our Twitter @HeavenSentTweet for updates.