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The New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News is an website dedicated to the culture of the U.S. State of New Mexico. It is written by a handful of editors, the authors are primarily Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz Lucero, with editing work done by Jason Waggoner, and others, including professional contacts including leaders and general peoples of New Mexico, from its town cities, and its Native American Pueblos and Reservations. We also invite the general public to assist in the process, simply comment on the problem article, or contact us at the error report link below.

This project is currently in its Alpha stages, so pardon the dust, and please report errors here.

The currently active parts of the project are the encyclopedia and lexicon, the mostly inactive parts are the news and blog sections.


  • Some pics from Mario and Isabel’s recent trip to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe.

    From Heaven Sent Gaming’s Instagram in Santa Fe. Lunch at the Shake Foundation Meow Wolf On the New Mexico Rail Runner on the trip back to Albuquerque Just outside of the great Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo. Links: Heaven Sent Gaming’s Instagram Meow Wolf‘s Instagram The City of Santa Fe. […]

  • Los 15 Grandes De Nuevo Mexico 2015

    The biggest New Mexico music award show of the year will take place on November 21. This year’s show has quite the concert line-up: Lorenzo Antonio Chris Arellano Campeones Del Desierto Micky Cruz Al Hurricane Al Hurricane, Jr. A.J. Martinez Brenda Ortega Christian Sanchez and Jerry Dean Severo y Grupo Fuego Sparx Str8 Shot Miguel Timoteo […]Continue reading […]

  • FEMA denied a disaster-recovery coordinator for the Navajo Nation after the Gold King Mine spill

    The EPA took responsibility for the toxic spill into the Animas River and the San Juan River, which took place on August 5, 2015. Though they did not report the incident until the day after the spill, on August 6. Leaders from New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, and Colorado all declared a state of emergency. […]Continue reading […]

Genre: Educational
Release Date: January 12th, 2015
Creator(s): Mario J. Lucero, Isabel Ruiz Lucero, and Jason Waggoner


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