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The New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon, published by Heaven Sent Gaming, is a dedicated educational reference covering and promoting the ancient culture of the U.S. State of New Mexico. This encyclopedia and lexicon is a private editorially maintained publication.

We provide insight into the emotional topic of a multi-faceted cultural identity, of which the honestly and sanctity of this encyclopedia and lexicon’s sincerity depends on the protection and confidentiality of our professional and private sources. While we are an private editorial maintained publication, we do invite the general public to assist in the process, simply comment on the problem article, or contact us at the error report link below.

This project is currently in its Alpha stages, so pardon the dust, and please report errors here.

This encyclopedia was first devised since Mario J. Lucero was banned from Wikipedia, due to over-enthusiastic supporters of Heaven Sent Gaming creating articles about Heaven Sent Gaming, our publications, and staff. This coincided to around the time that Mario was creating articles about “New Mexico chile”, “Al Hurricane”, and “New Mexico music” on Wikipedia. He decided to continue his work in private in this unique encyclopedia project. Ever since, some Wikipedia’s admins have been disdainful toward Heaven Sent Gaming, we implore our fans not to use this encyclopedia as a source on Wikipedia.

Thank you so much for visiting our site.


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