Isabel Ruiz Lucero

Isabel Ruiz Lucero
Lead Artist of Heaven Sent Gaming
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Isabel Ruiz Lucero, together with her husband Mario, founded Heaven Sent Gaming. A studio that blends her artistic talents with his writing skills. From a beginning as her personal art studio, it has grown to oversee various art and media ventures. Their work has garnered attention from notable publications like the Albuquerque Journal, New York magazine, and Tokyo Weekender.

Isabel primarily focuses on the visual aspects of their projects, ranging from concept art to final execution. With a portfolio spanning hundreds of comics, and ongoing endeavors in animation, illustration, and video games, she passionately expresses her love and faith through her art. Drawing from her Christian faith, Mexican American heritage, and diverse inspirations like animation, comics, and music, Isabel seamlessly weaves tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

Her artistic prowess is grounded in a practical background, Isabel’s foundation in computer science and early work experience at Noda’s Japanese Cuisine and as a boba tea barista. Her creations, like the comic series Reverie, are a testament to her multifaceted influences, blending elements of New Mexican folk art, traditional newspaper comic strips, with kawaii and kakkoii manga style and exaggerated comic book pop-art aesthetic.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Isabel cherishes time with her loved ones, including her husband, family, friends, and cat Liv. She also finds joy in gaming, reading, exploring culinary delights, and research.