Isabel Ruiz Lucero

Isabel R. Lucero (Isabel Ruiz)

March 30, 1989 from Albuquerque, New Mexico

🎨 Bio

An active artist that has worked on traditional paintings and digital illustrations. Her work is featured by numerous organizations and publications, and she is also a professional computer scientist. She is the cofounder and lead artist of Heaven Sent Gaming. Alongside her husband Mario J. Lucero, they are responsible for the co-creation of the vast majority of the publications and the fictional universe that ties it together.


  • Craft (2011, ongoing); co-creator


  • Reverie (2010); co-creator, artist
  • Karis (2011); creator, artist
  • Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction (2011); co-creator, artist
  • BladeChick (2012, ongoing); co-creator, artist
  • Mouton (2012, ongoing); co-creator, artist
  • Jinn (2013, hiatus); co-creator, artist
  • Vic & Vic (2013, hiatus); co-creator, artist
  • Koki’o Shade and Monkey (2013, ongoing); co-creator, artist
  • ‘Verse Way (2014, hiatus); co-creator, artist



  • Mario’s vlog (2011); actress
  • HSGplays (2011-2012); actress
  • سفر در جاده ۶۶ on BBC Persian (2016); guest
  • “Local couple celebrates 1 decade of ‘Heaven Sent Gaming‘” by Aaron Drawhorn on KRQE 13 (2016); guest



  • aywv (2009, hiatus); journalist
  • HSV Bible (2006, hiatus); editor
  • New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia, Lexicon, and News (2016, ongoing); editor, journalist
  • Isabel has created numerous works of art as an independent artist since 2004, working in both physical and digital mediums.