Main character BladeChick


  • Species Human
  • Gender Female
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Occupation Influencer
  • Loyalty Rebel
  • Class Freelancer
  • Skill “It”
  • Likes Partying

She is tolerant, resourceful, and clever. Rae is influencer through-and-through, she uses her manipulative forces to get what she wants. Thankfully, she use her powers of persuasion for the forces of good.

Rae has red hair with dark-gray tips. She usually wears blue jeans and a white tank-top.

A complete social butterfly that’s very knowledgeable about hot-spots and major events anywhere in the world. She is the only friend of Alexia.


Overall C
Attack C
Critical Attack C
Defense C
Critical Defense C
Speed C
Critical Speed C

Overall B
Logic C-
Critical Logic A-
Sense C-
Critical Sense A-
Spiritual C-
Critical Spiritual A-

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