Tom Marcus donned a black Stetson hat, black trench coat, black vest, black jeans, and a holster on his left side accompanied with a pearl handled Colt revolver. From the moment he rode into the town locals saw the dozen interesting stories in his eyes, another half-dozen fascinating adventures in the way he talked, and a few other tales in the way he walked. The thick all-black getup did nothing to ease the burdensome mid-June summer heat. The way he looked many would have thought he would be heading to the local saloon. But this man tied his horse in front of the house of the local man of science; that local man of science happened to go by the name of Professor Clinefield, who had recently assumed a teaching role, due to his specialty in Horticulture, at Las Cruces College…

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“Tom Marcus”

Iron is a Heaven Sent Gaming novel about a wild west ex-Army buffalo soldier turned inter-dimensional protector between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.



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