• Species Human
  • Gender Female
  • Height: ~5′
  • Occupation Student, Secret Agent
  • Loyalty ?
  • Class Shiromadoshi
  • Skill Weapons expert
  • Likes Martial arts and weaponry

She is nervy, daring, and witty. Isabel is a secret agent, alongside her partner Art. She and Art are currently spying on a trio of chosen heroes; Byron, Kevin, and Mario.

Isabel has long straight dark hair, with framing bangs.

Her parents are both professors, she has two older brothers, as she is the only daughter.

Isabel is a tuckerization of Isabel Ruiz Lucero.


Overall B+
Attack B-
Critical Attack A
Defense B-
Critical Defense A
Speed B-
Critical Speed A

Overall B+
Logic B-
Critical Logic A
Sense B-
Critical Sense A
Spiritual B-
Critical Spiritual A

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