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Tom Marcus

Main character Iron

Trajan Marcus is courageous, brave, nervy, and chivalrous; a Vanguard possessing an amazing intuition, and the uncanny abilities afforded to the Vanguards, he is a master in many fields and a hero in many worlds. He is a human born on the planet Earth, in the New Mexico Territory, in the United States of America.

Large and heavily muscle. His short Mohawk hair style is usually hidden below his black cowboy hat, his hat matches his clothing style which is all black western wear .

He is a rogue, avenger, and ranger, with a flinch skill. Unlike most of the Vanguards, he considers the title to be a means to an end. He was a buffalo soldier in the US Army, 9th Calvary, at Fort Seldon. He was “captured” by the Navajo during the Apache Wars. After protecting the tribe from the US Army, he was co-opted as translator for the government and eventually an agent in an American agency to search for artifacts. After discovering a Mayan artifact in Georgia, he became a Vanguard.

Trajan Marcus is a Heaven Sent Gaming original character created and designed by designer Mario J. Lucero, he is also one of the main protagonists in the comic series Iron. He first appeared in the serial novel post, “Tom Marcus” on August 10, 2011. Trajan’s name comes from the 13th Roman Emperor often called optimus princeps (optimal ruler), and the name Marcus is a Greek praenomen referencing Mars. A stolen name he’s used is Tom, short for Thomas, is a Biblical name of Aramaic origin, meaning twin.


Quick Stats

  • Species:
    Homo sapien
  • Gender:
  • Height:
    7′ 3″
  • Occupation:
    Vanguard, treasure hunter, and US military veteran

More info

  • Loyalty Disciplined
  • Class Rogue / Avenger / Ranger
  • Skill Flinch
  • Fighting-style US Army
  • Likes ?
  • Dislikes ?


Overall B
Attack B-
Critical Attack A
Defense B
Critical Defense B+
Speed D-
Critical Speed B-


Overall B
Logic B-
Critical Logic B+
Sense B-
Critical Sense B+
Spiritual B-
Critical Spiritual B+

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