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Trash Talkers!

Isabel and Mario of Heaven Sent Gaming were guests on the awesome “Trash Talkers” podcast. The hosts, Josh and Kenny, alongside Mario and Isabel talked about the news out of Gamescom. You can go give it a...

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We’ve got some big things ahead of us! Since our fans decided to create a defunct Wikipedia article about us, we’ve been inspired to create something super awesome for you, the fans! We hope you’ll love it. We want...

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Heaven Sent Gaming on Wikipedia?

A big shout-out to our fans, DunDunDunt and BeachParadise.
Thank you for building a pretty awesome Wikipedia article. Wikipedia may not be ready for an article about us. And we will not vouch for the reliability of this article, but we will be archiving it here as a sincere thank you for putting in so much effort. God bless.

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Happy Fourth Of July

On Freedom of Speech and the Press Published by Benjamin Franklin in the Pennsylvania Gazette of November 1737 Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government when this support is taken away the constitution...

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This Week | May 25th-31st

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Comics ALL WEEK Video Web To Mario’s Grandpa, Isabel’s brothers, and all veterans / active duty in the U.S. Military. Thank you. #MemorialDay — Heaven Sent Gaming (@HeavenSentTweet) May 26, 2014 Santa Fe National...

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This Week | May 18th-24th

Behold! The new schedule. Comics Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Reverie and Thad’s World Destruction: Before Destruction will get updates. Novels Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Many will get updated. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Iron will get updated. Video...