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Mouton comic | “Rushed”

“Rushed” is the eighth Mouton comic of Mouton #1, and the eighth overall comic of the series. Mouton, senior quarterback, is rushed by the opposing defense. Lucent’s brew seems to have taken effect, with a BANG!

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Reverie comic | “Not A Cake”

“Not A Cake” is the third Reverie comic of 2014, and the eighty-eighth overall comic of the series. Hoopes is trying to make a cake, but he just can’t get it right.

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Reverie comic | “A Team Of Millys”

The second Reverie comic of 2014, and the eighty-seventh overall comic of the series. Milly gets bored, and wants to play some B-Ball. But, since she’s all alone, she plays against herself.

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Antonia “Toni” Lucero

The cofounders of Heaven Sent Gaming, are currently in mourning over the loss of Mario’s Grandmother. It has, temporarily, interrupted their ability to update and maintain the site. Mario has decided to pause Heaven Sent Gaming, temporarily,...

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The Year Of Awesome

Happy New Year 2014 To celebrate, here’s three novel pages to ring in the New Year! Also, check out the Heaven Sent Version of The Bible. The first few chapters of the HSV are now up. AND:...