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Spiritual Speeches: President Obama Eulogizes Reverend Clementa Pinckney

After viewing the eulogy for Reverend Celementa Pinckney, by President Obama, we had an idea. There are many public domain spiritually inspired speeches deliverer by our nation’s presidents, which are currently unavailable on web streaming and audio services. So, we here at Heaven Sent Gaming will be highlighting these speeches in our new series Spiritual […]

Reverie comic, "Floating Milly and Bronjay (Alternate Cupcakes)"

Reverie comic, “Floating Milly and Bronjay (Alternate Cupcakes)”

Joe M. Lucero

Joe M. Lucero

Mariano Lucero was born to Antonio and Delfina Lucero, he was raised alongside his six siblings in Cuba, New Mexico. During his years in Albuquerque, he met and married his wife Antonia “Toni” Lucero. During his 50+ year marriage he had three children and multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was a retired trucker with Consolidated […]

March 13, 2015

This update covers: Mario’s Grandpa, rewritten novels, our new game announced at the New Jersey Camden Comic Con, a Wikipedia incident, and New Mexico! Comics We have been a little thin on updates since last Sunday. Mario’s Grandpa, Joe M. Lucero, is currently close to knocking on heaven’s door, and both Isabel and Mario are spending their […]

'verseWay comic update, "... and what are we doing?"

‘verseWay comic update, “… And What Are We Doing?”

BladeChick comic update, "Hmmm... Interesting"

BladeChick comic update, “Hmmm… Interesting”

Reverie comic update, "*Pop* Ok."

Reverie comic update, “*Pop* Ok.”

Mouton comic update, "Lucent Drops In"

Mouton comic update, “Lucent Drops In”