Main character Karis


  • Species Human/Angel
  • Gender Female
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Occupation College Student
  • Loyalty Saintly
  • Class Angel
  • Skill Genius
  • Likes Learning about angel culture

She is dedicated, creative, and wise. Karis is an human that has been imbued with angelic power since birth. She and her friend Ari carry on their fight, on the side of God, in the ancient war known as spiritual warfare. She and Ari are currently attending college on Earth.

Karis has milky-latte colored long hair, her hairstyle has framed bangs with red tips.

She alone lives with Ari, and Ari’s brother Dave. Dave is an ancient angel, known as a Reaper. They live in one of his numerous homes.


Overall A+
Attack A
Critical Attack A+
Defense A
Critical Defense A+
Speed A
Critical Speed A+

Overall A+
Logic A
Critical Logic A+
Sense A
Critical Sense A+
Spiritual A
Critical Spiritual A+

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