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  • Species Human
  • Gender Female
  • Height: ~5′
  • Occupation Student, Secret Agent
  • Loyalty ?
  • Class Shiromadoshi
  • Skill Dreamer
  • Likes Explosives and Isabel

She is loyal, honest, and tolerant. Art is a secret agent, alongside her partner Isabel. She and Isabel are currently spying on a trio of chosen heroes; Byron, Kevin, and Mario.

Art has long curly hair, and ruby red lips.

Her parents passed away while she was very young, she has since been raised by her very wealthy brother.


Overall B+
Attack C-
Critical Attack A
Defense C-
Critical Defense A
Speed C-
Critical Speed A

Overall B+
Logic C-
Critical Logic A
Sense C-
Critical Sense A
Spiritual C-
Critical Spiritual A

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