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Holiri is the rocky homeworld of bipediplantae and cephicand, located in the Sam system; the planet features a single natural satellite called the Su. The face of the planet is dominated by lush vegetation. The planet features several rainforests  and a multitude of lakes, those along with the water vapor mist-covered atmosphere, gives the planet a green and blue glowing appearance.

It is the the only rocky world of the sam system, the other rocky worlds have been turned into stellar engine.

The dominant species of the planet the bipediplantae, commonly called plant people. These plant people have developed three civilizations with a single large population center.

Holiri is a location in Heaven Sent Gaming’s fictional universe created and designed by artist Isabel Ruiz Lucero and designer Mario J. Lucero. The name Holiri is of Indian and Jamaican origin, translating the Latin word holi corresponding with India’s Festival of Colors and the Jamaican Patois word Irie meaning alright.


Quick Stats

  • Occupants:
    Carbon based lifeforms. Bipediplantae are the dominant species.


  • Bronjay’s house
  • Fries n’ Stuff

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