• Species Human
  • Gender Male
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Occupation Student
  • Loyalty Supporter
  • Class Rogue
  • Skill Genius
  • Likes Being a sleuth, and sometimes a pirate

He is daring, nervy, and clever. Kevin is a sleuth, with super stealth,  he is intense, passionate, and light-hearted. He, Byron, and Mario are a chosen trio of heroes; this trio is currently being spied upon by a duo of A.N.G.E.L. agents names Isabel and Art.

Kevin is a combed forward hairstyle high-school freshmen with light hair.

He is quite good at sneaking around and investigating any case, though he can be a bit of a conspiracy theorist.


Overall B+
Attack C
Critical Attack B+
Defense C+
Critical Defense A-
Speed C-
Critical Speed C+

Overall B
Logic C
Critical Logic B
Sense C+
Critical Sense A-
Spiritual C-
Critical Spiritual C+

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