• Species Human
  • Gender Male
  • Height: 5’1″
  • Occupation Student
  • Loyalty Saintly
  • Class “The Twitch”
  • Skill Freelancer
  • Likes Computer hardware

He is ambitious, honest, and chivalrous. Mario’s dichotomy, as both a simpleton and genius, causes overly complicated undertakings and numerous misundertakings.

Mario is a small slightly chubby guy with a small black pompadour.

He’s fast and hyperactive, with a great hop in his step.

Mario is a tuckerization of Mario J. Lucero.


Overall B+
Attack C-
Critical Attack C+
Defense C
Critical Defense B+
Speed C+
Critical Speed A-

Overall B
Logic C
Critical Logic B
Sense C-
Critical Sense C+
Spiritual C+
Critical Spiritual A-

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