Privacy Policy

Heaven Sent Gaming will NEVER compromise, nor actively collect, personally identifying information about you!

We collect and store only the following information about you:

Stats to make your experience on our website better, that’s it.

From the HSG store

Payment information is NOT stored by our site, and it is only handled during the transaction at an external secure place by professionals.

Heaven Sent Gaming values our users privacy!

We value it so much that we don’t use ad-software. We only rely on DONATIONS and SPONSORS. We don’t like the fact that ad-software, like Google AdSense, collects and sells your personally identifying information.

Whenever you see an ad on our site, we ensure that it’s only gotten through bid site (Project Wonderful / Bitads) or it’s through a second-party that handles the traffic (Intergi / CoinURL).

We do use analytics:

We use Cloudflare, Google Analytics, and Quantcast. We will publicly publish our analytic results, over at our Sponsors page. We believe that privacy is a basic human right, we only use these service’s anonymous identifiers to better our website, and you can view Google’s Privacy Policy and Quantcast’s Privacy Policy. Even though we only use anonymous identifiers, you can still choose to opt-out over at Google and Quantcast.

That’s it.

you can contact us for more information, or clarification, at:

[email protected]


Ya’ll are reading this? Awesome, God bless!