Copyright and content information DOES NOT apply to HSGplays, Heaven Sent Gaming’s let’s plays series, for information on that particular series, click here. It also does not apply to our press coverage at aywv and educational content in the New Mexico Cultural Encyclopedia & Lexicon, or opinion blogs such as Isabel’s blog, Mario’s blog, Jason’s blog for those sites permissions belong to appropriate owners or are used in fair use.

Our content is our copyright (excluding the notes in the paragraph above). That includes all of our original content; comics, games, music, novels, video, and web (along with the following social media channels; HSGmi Instagram).

Copyright (Updated Q4 2018 and Q2 2019)

Yes, our content is our copyright, but the nature of new media has the content linked and relinked, redistributed, reblogged, retweeted, and reposted in general. In some circumstances we DO NOT allow commercial usage, please read below to find out if your project falls into that category.

If you’re doing:

  • non-profit educational purposes (that includes any reference works; like encyclopedias, educational journals, a thesis, or an essay.)
  • press purposes (that includes blogs; small-form, or large-form)
  • a walkthrough/tutorial/guide with your own commentary
  • fanart, fan-fiction, and/or fansite
  • if you ARE NOT a corporation (limited liability or otherwise), storefront, marketplace, or part of a conglomerate; then you can make UNOFFICIAL physical product(s)/service(s) and sell ’em. But, it must be stated on the product/service that it is “FANMADE, UNOFFICIAL, and NOT ENDORSED/SPONSORED”, and you must put “This is UNOFFICIAL, and NOT ENDORSED by Heaven Sent Gaming”. That includes toys, makeup, prints, piñatas, etc.
  • low-resolution versions on logos and logotypes, under 640px in width and 360px in height, from around the site

Creative Commons License This work by Heaven Sent Gaming is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

If you intend to publish a vast collection* of our content. (more than 3 items of a particular series*, or 7 per person*/character*/subject* per publication year) Including in cases of the above purposes.

The NonCommercial portion of the license applies to you. In other words, if you want to simply publish a book of our stuff, then you can not do it to make money. And you cannot do so with the intention of replacing our content’s value by doing so for distribution in a commercial setting.

Creative Commons License This work by Heaven Sent Gaming is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

The intention on placing these restrictions (above) is the following; “Our only concern is someone publishing our comics in a comic book, or publishing our novels as a book, or our music as an album, etc.” We do not want someone to produce low-quality, virus filled, or potentially dangerous reproductions of our content. And we don’t want non-partnered companies to profit from our work.

  • “collection” is defined as “An assembly of items such as works of art, pieces of writing, or natural objects, especially one systematically ordered.” (Oxford).
    a collection of any of the following is under the non-commercial license portion:
  • “series” is defined as “a number of things, events, or people of a similar kind or related nature coming one after another.” (Oxford) Particularly, in this case, full-content copies of original image content, original video content and original web text(s) . For example; the first three comic strips of Reverie, the first pages of the first three battles from TWD:BD, any other sequence of events that tells a complete story, etc.
  • “person/character/subject” is defined as “an individually identifiable person, place, or thing.” For example; images of Bronjay from Reverie, paragraphs associated with Tom Marcus from Iron, photographs of Jason Waggoner from a certain year, etc.

Regardless of your usage, YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE RULES (they are strikingly similar to the Hubble Space Telescope website, since that’s where we practically copied them from):

  • The full image or footage credit must be presented in a clear and readable manner to all users, with the wording unaltered (for example: “Heaven Sent Gaming”). Web texts should be credited to Heaven Sent Gaming. The credit should not be hidden or disassociated from the image footage. Links should be active if the credit is online. (original author) and the original source link.
  • Heaven Sent Gaming materials may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by Heaven Sent Gaming, or any Heaven Sent Gaming team member, of a commercial product or service.
  • We request a copy or link sent to us so we can be all “that’s awesome” or “ooh!”, seriously. We want to see your awesomeness, it’s an honor that you like our stuff. Even if it’s X-Rated we want to to see it. We’re very grateful for your time.
  • Unless it’s a photo of Mario J. Lucero, Isabel Ruiz Lucero, and/or Jason Waggoner; if an image shows an identifiable person or item, using that image for commercial purposes may infringe on someone’s rights, and separate permission should be obtained from that copyright holder.
  • If images or visuals are changed significantly from the original work (apart from resizing, cropping), we suggest that the changes are mentioned after the credit line. For example, “Original work, Heaven Sent Gaming. This fan-art by (awesome fan)”.


We’re not being mean, or super protective of our content. We just don’t want someone hosting mirrors of our exact content, and distributing lower quality, potentially virus ridden, versions of our stuff. We also don’t want people selling digital/physical “collections” of copies of our content, that’s just boring. We want to encourage people to use our material, in a common-sense way.

Whachu’ talkin’ ’bout!?

In other words; DON’T make a DVD-collection of our stuff, DON’T publish a book with nothing but our stuff, DON’T host massive collections of pages of our comics on your site.

But, YOU CAN publish and sell, a fan-fiction of our stuff, YOU CAN use a few pages of our books or comics within in quotations or reference, YOU CAN sell a book about fan-fiction about us. As long as you give us credit where credit is due, and make sure to add that your work IS YOURS and not ours. And, you must share-alike.

You are also free to publish your derivative work under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License AND/OR Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

More Specifically

Here are very specific rules regarding particular usages of Heaven Sent Gaming’s content.

The English Wikipedia

While we do support the English Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation. The English Wikipedia had instances of bots and puppet accounts adding information to Wikipedia regarding Heaven Sent Gaming, and we ourselves received spam from Wikipedia editors containing bigoted derogatory messages. We did not want either to occur again, so we used to not allow articles related to Heaven Sent Gaming on the English Wikipedia, from Q1 2015 until Q4 2018. We have since removed that restriction, due to us resolving the bigoted spam attacks from Wikipedia users by removing forums, limiting comment sections, and the like on our website. The only account related to Heaven Sent Gaming on Wikipedia was Mario‘s user account Smile Lee, and that old account was for his personal use, was not created to promote Heaven Sent Gaming related articles. The puppet accounts were related to DunDunDunt, a former Heaven Sent Gaming team member that shall go unnamed, that left our team in 2016.

If you have questions, have, something else in mind, or if you want to make an Officially Licensed Product, contact us here.

These terms may also be changed as time goes on. So check back periodically if need be.