Their ride dipped into the opening of a cave. The police woman clutched her shield as the vehicle sunk downward, she could see a “shanty town” built into the sides of the cave’s walls. The pink-tinted woman said, “Welcome to Lartnec, the finest fringe camp outside of Ytic, home to The Doc.” The green-tinted mafioso […]Continue reading

I believe the word is, “Ouch”! I dodged the missiles, up until that last one… The explosion wasn’t a direct hit, but it tore my shielding. My thrusters over-heated, until only one was working, and I began spinning. This is dizzying. I need to reboot to activate my healing nano-machine subroutine, but my soft-reboot was […]Continue reading

Tom reached out his hand to lift the golem. It laughed and said, “A human trying to lift a golem?” Marcus responded, “I can lift about a ton.” The golem reached out, at pulled at the cowboy’s hand, attempting to make him fall. But, still without an issue, Tom pulled him up. “Now, give me […]Continue reading