A loud explosion rang from outside the clearing. “What the – ?” Shift said, turning towards the noise with watchful eyes. “That sounded like a rocket – and a big one at that” He added as he turned to Save, who was watching the same area with interest. Save laughed nervously, “it is not near […]Continue reading

Happy New Year 2014 To celebrate, here’s three novel pages to ring in the New Year! Also, check out the Heaven Sent Version of The Bible. The first few chapters of the HSV are now up. AND: our comics and videos will be back VERY SOON! That includes, a schedule of daily comics, novels, video, […]Continue reading

“Where have you been Thomas?” His aunt looked at his outfit. “Oh dear, you’ve become a cowboy, does your Mama know?” Marcus responded, “It’s just some all-black cowboy outfit. I got it from working for the Smithsonian.” “Thank goodness, you have a real job. You know your Uncle just won’t give up his old ranch. […]Continue reading

“And here I thought I could trust her to win. Time to play”, Shift said with a grin painted across his face. He rose, standing still next to his makeshift medical tent as he watched his companion, who stood frozen. Looking at her face, he noticed her expression, her lips pulled into a defiant frown […]Continue reading

“Where was she? How’d you meet Aru?” Asked the, now, annoyed Death. Dave patted Death’s shoulder, “We can’t win ‘em all bud. But, Tom found her being transported from the Jemez Mountains to Santa Fe.” Ari giggled, “Two points to The Vanguard.” Marcus sarcastically said, “Oh, yeah, totally. I got mine and Death’s missions done.” […]Continue reading

“I wouldn’t say the ‘same time’ as Caesar, the guy was a Roman statesman from, like, the first century BC.” Said the woman in a shaky voice. The Doc turned to her with a grin on his face, “Maybe I should explain where you are, and what’s going on… *ahem*… You have been transported into […]Continue reading

Marcus headed south of Santa Fe, into a windstorm, he rode along the edge of a ridge until another rider galloped alongside him. The sound of the two horses and howling wind was deafening. The pale rider yelled in a thunderous tone at Tom. The sound of his voice rang and echoed along the ridge, […]Continue reading

Their ride dipped into the opening of a cave. The police woman clutched her shield as the vehicle sunk downward, she could see a “shanty town” built into the sides of the cave’s walls. The pink-tinted woman said, “Welcome to Lartnec, the finest fringe camp outside of Ytic, home to The Doc.” The green-tinted mafioso […]Continue reading

I believe the word is, “Ouch”! I dodged the missiles, up until that last one… The explosion wasn’t a direct hit, but it tore my shielding. My thrusters over-heated, until only one was working, and I began spinning. This is dizzying. I need to reboot to activate my healing nano-machine subroutine, but my soft-reboot was […]Continue reading

Tom reached out his hand to lift the golem. It laughed and said, “A human trying to lift a golem?” Marcus responded, “I can lift about a ton.” The golem reached out, at pulled at the cowboy’s hand, attempting to make him fall. But, still without an issue, Tom pulled him up. “Now, give me […]Continue reading