Many: The Blog Of A Space Probe first page "Hello world" latest Many pages chapter select | latest comic Many a Heaven Sent Gaming novel Neutrality Went Out The Window Chora, I Could Kiss You But I Don’t Have Lips BIOS Info Many: The Blog of a Space Probe is a science-fiction novel written by Mario J. Lucero. Khora is a space probe [...]Continue reading

↓ info ↓ more info Genre:Fantasy, Action Release Date:August 12, 2011 Creator(s):Mario J. Lucero & Isabel Ruiz Lucero First Page Chapter Select ↓ latest updates ↓ About Craft is a fantasy-adventure novel written by Mario J. Lucero, with additions by Isabel Ruiz Lucero. A young N.Y.P.D officer is transported to another land, this foreign land is under the [...]Continue reading

Iron is a western novel written by Mario J. Lucero. Tom Marcus is an ex-Army buffalo soldier that's become a inter-dimensional protector between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. first page | chapter select | latest update Tom Marcus donned a black Stetson hat, black trench coat, black vest, black jeans, and a holster on his left side accompanied with a [...]Continue reading