We will begin daily updates, at least one update per day, at 7PM MST starting February 8th – 14th, 2015! Sunday: Reverie and/or Many. Monday: Mouton, dD, and/or HSGskit. Tuesday: BladeChick, Starbet,  and/or Pinto. Wednesday:  ‘verse Way, Iron, and/or Seven. Thursday: Koki’o Shade and Monkey and/or Aster (WIP). Friday: Karis, Craft, and/or HSGskit. Saturday: Bible study. Sometimes Monday or Friday will […]Continue reading

A loud explosion rang from outside the clearing. “What the – ?” Shift said, turning towards the noise with watchful eyes. “That sounded like a rocket – and a big one at that” He added as he turned to Save, who was watching the same area with interest. Save laughed nervously, “it is not near […]Continue reading