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“Where have you been Thomas?” His aunt looked at his outfit. “Oh dear, you’ve become a cowboy, does your Mama know?” Marcus responded, “It’s just some all-black cowboy outfit. I got it from working for the Smithsonian.” “Thank goodness, you have a real job. You know your Uncle just won’t give up his old ranch. […]Continue reading

“Where was she? How’d you meet Aru?” Asked the, now, annoyed Death. Dave patted Death’s shoulder, “We can’t win ‘em all bud. But, Tom found her being transported from the Jemez Mountains to Santa Fe.” Ari giggled, “Two points to The Vanguard.” Marcus sarcastically said, “Oh, yeah, totally. I got mine and Death’s missions done.” […]Continue reading

Marcus headed south of Santa Fe, into a windstorm, he rode along the edge of a ridge until another rider galloped alongside him. The sound of the two horses and howling wind was deafening. The pale rider yelled in a thunderous tone at Tom. The sound of his voice rang and echoed along the ridge, […]Continue reading

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Tom reached out his hand to lift the golem. It laughed and said, “A human trying to lift a golem?” Marcus responded, “I can lift about a ton.” The golem reached out, at pulled at the cowboy’s hand, attempting to make him fall. But, still without an issue, Tom pulled him up. “Now, give me […]Continue reading