As we wrap up Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th Anniversary, we’re already hard at work, God willing, going into our next 10 years. The fourth quarter of 2016 had Heaven Sent Gaming being featured on the BBC and KRQE. While it was recorded in Q3, a Persian-language documentary for the British Broadcasting Corporation, about voters in […]Continue reading

As we continue to celebrate Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th Anniversary, we look forward to the future. Our third quarter saw us focusing on mostly behind-the-scenes work; our first commercially available video game in under development (a side-scrolling platformer), Isabel began using her Twitter account to practice her Japanese, Mario became active in politics (while he […]Continue reading

During 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming began celebrating its 10th anniversary. During Q2 of which, HSG began distributing Reverie: The First 5 Years eBook on Amazon Kindle, as well as the new a Heaven Sent Gaming broadcast via audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Reverie‘s debut at #151,229 on the Kindle Store, in the final weeks of […]Continue reading

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA (Heaven Sent Gaming) – In the Reverie: The First 5 Years eBook, launching exclusively for the Amazon Kindle on June 15, you can read the more than 100 Reverie comics released from 2010 to 1015. This collection adds several never-before-released exclusive extras, including over 30 hand-drawn sketches from 2008-2009 of Reverie’s 2010 release year, as well as a […]Continue reading

In 2016, Heaven Sent Gaming is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We were originally founded in 2006, as a part of a team of game designers and artists, and became part of the preponderant Our Own Little Coup during its short-lived 2007 existence. Isabel and I had formed our team (HSG), prior to going to college, as a […]Continue reading

Our first strawpoll, related to the Heaven Sent Gaming 10th Anniversary, is finalized. The top 5 will be given the top priority. We received over a hundred votes, and here were the results. A pin-up calendar of our lady characters. 14 votes (12%) Full glossary. 13 votes (11%) A talk-show program. 13 votes (11%) More artwork. 12 votes (10%) HSGplays. 12 votes […]Continue reading

Heaven Sent Gaming‘s 10th Anniversary Don’t freak out or anything, but 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th anniversary. We’ve gotta do something ladies and gentlemen! — Heaven Sent Gaming (@HeavenSentTweet) January 2, 2016 If you follow us on Twitter, than you’re already aware that 2016 is Heaven Sent Gaming’s 10th year in operation. Along the […]Continue reading